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[Exclusive] Catching Up with SM Ent’s Producers, Beatburger in Singapore!


Singapore K-pop fans were in for a special treat back in 2012 by their popular demand, SM Entertainment’s Beatburger, to return to Butter Factory’s permanent K-pop night GAJA! this June. The two DJ-member Shim Jaewon and Gregory S. Hwang, with Sung Minju of Band Schizo who whips up his guitar to rock it out live and Choi Hyo Jae, the main back-up dancer for TVXQ! had returned to make the K-pop fans in Singapore go amok under one roof for their dance and live music acts that can never be forgotten!
With their first ever arrival to Singapore’s fashion-centric club The Butter Factory back in December, they raved the entire club scene with their strong presence in the Hallyu wave craze.
This time round, Korea.com’s Rice caught up with the team members who dances for life and “want only good life, good sleep, and good food everydayGreg and Jae for tête-à-tête in 10 to catch the who and what in the most successful entertainment company, SM Entertainment.

Korea.com (K): You guys are back for the second time! Known to prioritize performance-ship, what have you prepared for tonight?
Jaewon (J): It’s a secret!
Gregory (G): … Look forward to it tonight!
J: One thing we can say is that, I’ve especially prepared a new remix with f(x) latest song, Electric Shock. I didn’t sleep because of this before I went to the airport in Korea, trying to finish out the track.

K: Plus, you did show your great performanceship yesterday during the dance workshop. Heard it was your first ever?
G: Yes, it was a mere spur-of-the-moment idea to conduct a workshop as we talked, and we made publicity just the day before. We expected for just 15-20 people so we can teach more detailed and properly but, to our amazement, we really, did not expect the huge turnout.
It was rather a waste to me, for the first session.
K: Why a waste?
G: Because they chose EXO-K, the song that took a lot of time to learn and we didn’t prepare it well (due to the big number of participants). Next time, we promise, next time to make a better one and more prepared. A longer session too would be the best choice.
J: Perhaps, like a K-pop dance camp! We absolutely enjoyed the crowd; like no other, they focused and smiled a lot despite their lack of skills which we don’t mind because we appreciate their pure enthusiasm for the workshop, and we are very thankful for that.
We have to deliver our good performance next time!
K: Did you spot any potential that could actually become trainees?
G: That’s not our position to do so, that would be the casting department… But there was highlighted potentials that yes, they are able to become trainees.
K: So originally, since you guys have said the dance was not as planned, what was the original choreography you wanted to teach at the workshop?
G: We had already decided to do the Super Junior ‘Sorry Sorry’ original choreography, not the stage version. There is the original, detailed version of the dance. However the crowd, as you did see, chose EXO instead.
K: Ah, the praying hands dance!
J: (laughs) And washing hands! Slide down to the knee dance, all sorts of names, interesting!
K: Then what is the difference, being a regular DJ for Seoul and other places with Butter Factory’s crowd?
J: In Seoul itself, there’s not a lot of K-pop going on. It is very different. In GAJA!, we extensively prepared all K-pop remixes, like the above said of Electric Shock and I had to finish it before I leave. It’s amazing how one roof can hold all K-pop lovers within.

Shim Jae-won shared his remix progress through his Facebook page mobile uploads, hours before his flight to Singapore.

K: Then who will you invite if you can the next time you come to join us to party from your company?
J: Definitely BoA. Then, Siwon. He is interested in DJing and he loves music very much. Every time we meet, he says “Hey Jae! Teach me DJ!” but unfortunately, he doesn’t have the time so far.
G: I will bring… EXO! Kris, is also interested as well in DJing. Girls Generation would be fun too.
J: True. Sadly, they’re young, so we bring the party up to the dance room. When I arrive, Kris will shout in glee because he knows I’ll bring party tracks, “Yay Jae!!”
K: The line-up sounds like the best dancers to be invited. Who actually learns their dance best?
G: Hands down, BoA. She is amazing. She’s a creative performer and gives input of her own; she knows exactly what she wants to do.
J: Put it like this – we both are dual core, but BoA herself is quadcore. She’s digital, we’re just analog. (laughs)
G: F(x) are the most fantastic girl group as well.
J: They’re perfect. Most perfect combination. So fast, and perfect. They’re very fast and good to learn. By overnight, they can perform immediately without any flaw. Even they have to teach us, we make the choreo for them but I say, “Amber! I forgot Pinocchio. Is it left or right foot? Please teach me!” (laughs)
G: As for EXO, they’re still babies but they have the feel of the music and beats. They have time to grow.
K: You guys indeed have a handful of artistes you have to keep them chugging! What are your 2012 plans and aspirations? Please share, and send a shoutout to the Singapore fans out here!
G: We love Singapore. We have received a lot of support and love and we want to return it next time we come. And to bring another member along to pump the energy!
As for our future plans, we definitely want good life, sleep, food, and I need a girlfriend.
J: (laughs) I just want to be happy!
Minju: (showing his Facebook picture of the iconic pyramid chicken rice of Boon Tong Kee) I love chicken rice!!!

K: And how do you find Singaporean girls then, Greg?
G: Beautiful.

Witty, playful and in the league of their own, we met Beatburger just 5 hours away from their 2nd ever party hosted in Singapore and is set to wow the crowd once again with their fantastic performances. What was it like? Better watch out on these channels below to receive the latest updates as this full live coverage is brought to you by Korea.com and Singapore-based (x)clusive!

As a special way to thank our readers until the end of the interview, here is Beatburger’s own special message signed by Gregory to Korea.com below!

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