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A duet scene between actress Shin Se Kyung and actor Lee Jae Hoon in SBS’s Fashion King

A duet scene between actress Shin Se Kyung and actor Lee Jae Hoon is in the limelight.

In the episode of SBS’s Fashion King that aired on May 14, Ga Young and Jae Hyuk sing a duet. As Ga Young gets promoted to the manager of a design team, Jae Hyuk, CEO of the company and the team members get together to celebrate her promotion.

After having drink, Ga Young and her party hit a karaoke. As Ga Young sings the song “I’m Happy,” Jae Hyuk looks infatuated by her. While other members did not pay attention to Ga Young, Jae Hyuk starts to sing a duet with her.”

At the duet scene, Shin Se Kyung and Lee Jae Hoon garnered viewers’ attention with her superb singing flair.

Following the duet, Jae Hyuk confesses his heart to Ga Young with lavish necklace. Ga Young denies his confession, saying, “I can’t accept this necklace.” Jae Hyuk, however, insists, saying “Yes, you can,” and put the necklace around her neck. Learning of what happened between Ga Young and Jae Hyuk, Ga Young’s beau Young Gul gets so riled up that he urges her to quit working for Jae Hyuk’s company.

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