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Actor Kim Soo Hyun becomes a champion eliminating all the Running Man cast members

Actor Kim Soo Hyun recently became a champion eliminating all the Running Man cast members.

In the episode of SBS’s I Love Sunday-Running Man that aired on July 8, Kim Soo Hyun and cast members entered a fierce competition.

Uninformed of what’s going on, the cast started searching for seven gold turtles. They obtained seven turtles, but only one of them was genuine, which the cast had to find out step by step through various missions. Poorly, none of them were aware of the existence of guest Kim Soo Hyun.

Haha luckily came across Kim Soo Hyun. Surprised, the singer in no time came up with an idea to form an undercover union with the actor.

Next, Kim beheld Lee Gwang Soo and Ji Suk Jin were involved in a scuffle. When Ji Suk Jin was defeated, the clever guest sneaks to Lee and easily removed his name tag. With this, Kim secured the genuine turtle sculptor and proved that he is a champion through a polygraph.

In the preview of the episode that is to air on July 16, Shin Se Kyung, Noh Sa Yeon, and Yoo Joon Sang were seen appearing as guests. The eye-catching episode is titled “Beauty and the Beast.”

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