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Charismatic, powerful, pretty boys of Exo-K shout “Mama!”

Exo-K has caught some eyes with a charismatic performance.

On June 8, Exo-K performed “Mama” on KBS 2’s Music Bank, hosted by Lee Jang Woo and After School’s Uee.

The members are Su Ho, Baek Hyun, Chan Yeol, D.O, Kai, and Se Hun, and they released the mini-album Mama in April. The word “Exo” is taken from “exoplanet,” which refers to a planet outside the solar system. It implies the emergence of a new star from an unknown world.

“Exo” is then followed by the initial of Korea or Mandarin, forming two different groups: Exo-K and Exo-M. The groups release the same song on the same day in Korean and Chinese, appealing to both countries simultaneously.

The Gregorian chant and grand orchestration double the atmosphere of mystery in the title track, “Mama.” During a dance break within the song, sharp synthesizer sounds, guitar riffs, and passionate shouting give a powerful image and strongly impress listeners. The lyrics make the song even better because they describes the hope of finding innocent love, a regret over the lack of conversation, and a struggle that modern people experience going back and forth between reality and the virtual digital world.

Besides Exo-K, many other artists performed: She’z, Mighty Mouth, Dalmatian, Hello Venus, Kim Jo Han, A pink, Juniel (with Jung Yong Hwa), B1A4, Dal★shabet, U-Kiss, Teen Top, Baek Ji Young, 4Minute, G.Na, Sistar, the Wonder Girls, Infinite, and SNSD-TaeTiSeo.

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