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Former City Hunter actress Park Min Young looks fabulous in a hanbok

The former City Hunter actress looks fabulous in a hanbok.

Park Min Young appears in MBC’s new weekend series Time Slip Dr. Jin as Hong Young Rae, a maiden living in Joseon Dynasty.

On May 15, the production company of the series released several still cuts. In the series, Park appears as an elegant and neat figure, who is very curious about may things yet very prudent. The actress even bodes well for the arrival of the new goddess in period series.

Meanwhile, Park also appears as Yoo Mi Na, a surgeon and a girlfriend of Jin Hyuk, one of the most distinguished surgeons in 2012. Yoo Mi Na (Hong Young Rae) time travels from modern days to Jeseon Dynasty back and forth and will display different sides of the two characters.

The series is based on the “Jin (Japanese Manga)” by Motoka Murakami, which was published by Super Jump (manga magazine) from 2000 to 2010. The fantasy medical drama is about one of the greatest surgeons in Korea in 2012, who time travels to 1860s, Jeoseon Dynasty and how he struggles to become a good surgeon.

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