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High Kick, Season 3: f(x)’s Krystal (Su Jung) chokes Ti-A

In the episode of High Kick, Season 3, that aired on February 10, Ti-A appeared as Kathy, a friend of  Su Jung (f(x)’s Krystal.)

Kathy takes advantage of Seung Yoon, who she met during an audition, to get everything she wants like cosmetic and clothes, and she has an affair, braking Kang’s heart.

On seeing Kang, who is crying with a broken heart, Su Jung feels sorry for Kang and angry toward Cathy.

Su Jung even fesses up to Kang, saying “Now that you’ve broken up with Cathy, let’s go out with me. This is my turn.”

However, when Seun Yoon doesn’t accept her proposal seriously, Su Jung says, “Let’s put it off later until you become a president.”

Later, Su Jung encounters Cathy on the street, and chokes her throat.

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