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Ja Eun and Tae Hee’s romance is rekindled?

Ja Eun (After School’s UEE) forgives Bok Ja, who stole the contract document.

In the 33rd episode of KBS’s Ojakgyo Brothers that aired on the November 26, Ja Eun explains to Jae Hee why she cannot sell the farm.

Being told that she has to sell the farm unless she pay twice the default charge, Ja Eun promises that she will pay back. Then she confesses why she cannot sell the farm.

“Bok Ja was a mother figure to me,” Ja Eun explains. “I had never had a mom before. Then I had mom’s nagging and mom’s comfort for the first time. I could experience what it was like to have a mom, who cares for me.” Ja Eun breaks down in tears.

“That’s why I hated to forgive her. I couldn’t forgive Bok Ja, who stole the contract paper, kicked me out, and put on a smile.” She continues, “But at seeing a construction drawing for a theme park, I’ve changed my mind.”

“I can’t imagine all that pear trees cutting down and a theme park being built there. Now I can understand why Bok Ja was so obsessed with the farm. Now I understand her. And it’s hard to hate her.” Ja Eun sheds tears.

While Ja Eun understands Bok Ja and the Ojak family, Ja Eun and Tae Hee (Ju Won)’s romance is expected to be rekindled.

Meanwhile, Soo Young feels confused to see Tea Bum’s ex-girlfriend.

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