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Kim Kang Woo embarrassed on a set: “What happened?”

Recently, actor Kim Kang Woo was spotted taking a self-portrait on a photo session and unexpectedly became embarrassed by a situation.

On June 29, Kim’s agency, Tree Actors, posted two pictures of Kim taking a picture of himself.

According to the agency, Kim was shooting pictorials with photographer Oh Joong Suk when he tried to take a picture of himself with a digital camera but never succeeded; it was out of battery. Instantly, Kim and all staff burst out laughing which loosened up the atmosphere, and the shooting went more smoothly.

Besides this, Kim mimicked Chow Yun Fat in A Better Tomorrow in which he is dressed up in a neat coat holding a toothpick between his teeth. Instead of a toothpick, Kim hold a chocolate stick.

The company said, “Kim used to appear in formal press conferences or professional photo sessions in suits, but it’s different this time. He wears pants with floral patterns and a fedora and matched them with comfortable, cute-looking costumes and colors to appeal with a new look.”

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