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Sung Yuri from Detective Cha confesses, “I used to cry my eyes out because of my poor acting”

Here we meet transparent actress, Sung Yuri (31). She shared frankly about her feelings when her acting was harshly criticized.

In an interview with TV Report that took place at a coffee shop in Samcheong-dong, Seoul on June 1, the star began, “When I was shooting KBS 2’s drama series Romance Town, I cried my eyes out because I felt hopeless with my acting.”

Initially, she debuted as a singer in the group called Fin.K.L and changed her career as an actress. In 2003, she played her first role, the princess of South Buyeo, in SBS’s Thousand Years Of Love, but because she was not quite ready, she faced many difficulties and got caught up in controversies over her poor acting.

Recalling past experience, she said, “It’s been a while since I became less concerned about the issue.

 In the past, I was harshly criticized because of my poor acting. I could understand them when I monitored myself in the screen. I considered giving up the career thinking, ‘Is this the field that I should never challenge?’ Then again, I was fond of acting. So I made a firm decision and gave my best in keeping enthusiastic attitude at all times without giving up. As I look back, I think I did a great job making that decision. If I had given up at that time, I wouldn’t be here now, working on this attractive job.”

She added, “Because I did not have fundamental acting skills, I was so ignorant at the beginning. I couldn’t portrait the character Noh Soon Keum in the way I wanted her to be in Romance Town. I knew how to act by head, but I wasn’t able to express it on the screen. I felt so helpless because the character I had in my mind wouldn’t come out, so I cried my eyes out. I cried real hard.”

After experiencing a big slump, she could find her confidence back when she met her acting teacher.

Sung thought for a moment and said, “I learned a lot from my teacher. Even from my own point of view, I could see that I’ve improved a lot in MBC’s TV series Feast of the Gods and the movie Detective Cha. I sent her a small congratulatory wreath and shyly tagged a small note that read ‘From actress Sung Yuri.’ She must have felt touched after reading the word ‘actress’ because she showed tears.

 After watching Feast of the Gods, she called me and said, “I’m so proud of the fact that you are my student.” That simple sentence made my heart melt like snow under a bright sunshine. She cried and I cried along with her. The phone became full of tears. Well, I hope my acting was good this time. If you agree, can I hope for a warm comment from you?

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