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Super Junior’s Kyuhyun is the second to fourth highest-paid member of Super Junior

It was revealed that Super Junior’s Kyuhyun was also one of the highest-paid members in Super Junior. Siwon was the highest-paid member in Super Junior, but Kyuhyun’s income was also as high as his.

In the episode of SBS TV’s Kang Shim Jang that aired on July 17 at 11:15 p.m., Super Junior’s Kyuhyun and Shindong, Lee Chung Ah, Nam Kyung Joo, Jeon Soo Kyung, Solbi, Park Gi Young, f(x)’s Victoria, After School’s Jung Ah and Lizzy made guest appearances.

In the episode, the Super Junior members received a question about their incomes. To this question, Leeteuk said, “Kyuhyun is also rich because his father is running an academy,” and Shindong also said, “You probably thought of a small academy when Leeteuk said that but he’s also running academies in some Southeast Asian countries.”

At this, Kyuhyun got laughs saying, “I don’t specially get paid more now but I think I’m the second to fourth highest-paid member in Super Junior because I go to all events that call Super Junior and was also successful in China as a member of Super Junior M.”

Byun Gi Soo said, “I think I know who’s the lowest-paid member,” and named Heechul because he is currently doing alternative service as a public service worker. However, it was revealed that Shindong and Eunhyuk were the lowest-paid members because the leader Leeteuk frankly said, “I was also curious about it and I found out that Shindong and Eunhyuk were the lowest-paid members.”

It was something unexpected to all because they’ve appeared on many variety shows. Shindong especially received many questions about his income because he was running a business. Shindong said, “I didn’t start my own business because I had a lot of money. Because I had to pay back my loan, I couldn’t make a lot.”

The host Shin Dong Yeop said he recently had a dinner with Super Junior’s boss Lee Soo Man and revealed that Eunhyuk got an advance. At this, Eunhyuk got laughs by saying, “Can we talk about this on TV?”

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