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What Will Be Netizen’s Reactions towards T-ara’s Comeback?

News of Hwa Young being thrown off from T-ara as well as the alleged bullying issues committed by the members of T-ara towards Hwa Young had captured the attention of many K-pop fans from all over the world.

T-ara had just made their long-awaited comeback when the K-pop world is suddenly shocked with the news that Hwa Young would no longer be a part of T-ara. The reason given is because of some disciplinary issues and the staffs’ dissatisfaction towards her dive-like attitude. However, the news didn’t stop there.

Netizens had come forward with evidence to support the fact that Hwa Young had been bullied while working in the group. Bo Ram was said to have ruined Hwa Young’s umbrella, Ji Yeon was said to have mocked Hwa Young on camera, stating that she had never seen Hwa Young touched a book all the time they had lived together, So Yeon was said to have offered Hwa Young a candy which she had dropped earlier, Hyo Min was said to have poked Hwa Young in the eyes and Eun Jung was said to have forced Hwa Young to eat some rice cakes on a TV program.

There were pictures that the Netizens had uploaded, claiming it to be the “evidence of bullying”. The bullying issues turned out to be something common in idol groups. However, no other cases are highlighted as T-ara’s. How far are the fans’ reactions towards this story?

The condition became so severe that T-ara’s largest fan café decided to close down its website a day after T-ara’s August comeback and many fans petitioned for T-ara’s disbandment.  Furthermore, T-ara has to cancel a number of shows at certain locations due to this. But not everybody is on the same page.

Some fans still support T-ara, believing that they aren’t to blame and some fans are rooting for Hwa Young. The other members of T-ara is going through hardships right now especially when fans petition for their disbandment and demand them to be taken off from variety shows as well as edited out on the shows they have recorded. Furthermore, new member Areum was just starting out and not to mention, the soon-to-be official member, Dani.

Some fans reacted with disgust at the mere mention of T-ara and obviously displayed their distaste towards the group. Other fans might root for them. Meanwhile, a number of fans try to overlook the controversy and focus instead on their songs, claiming that the music had done no harm and should not be blamed or shunned because of T-ara’s controversy.

Right at this moment, it seems that more fans are turning their backs on T-ara and some might even continue demanding for T-ara’s members to be taken off from variety shows even if it is proven that T-ara is innocent and did not commit any act of bullying towards Hwa Young.

So, Citrines, what would you do?



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