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Create your own couple look

One of the ways online shopping malls can get popular is to quickly reflect customers’ needs and current trends in the selection of products they carry. Especially for clothing shops, which need to be very trend-conscious, customer satisfaction will depend on how quickly they respond to current trends.

There’re some online clothing shops that have achieved a high rate of customer satisfaction by quickly responding to current trends with their own manufacturing systems. Cutiple(www.cutiple.com), a clothing shop exclusively for couples, has established a factory to manufacture its own products.

The shop manufactures its own products, which range from casual couple clothes to couple beachwear. As couple beachwear received many favorable reviews, the company has added new items on its beachwear line.

JooHyung Jin, the CEO of Cutiple, says, “We established a factory to provide better service to our customers. As we have done with beachwear, we can quickly reflect our customers’ responses or opinions in our products and are also able to provide such after-sales service as repairs.”

Cutiple’s strength is creativity along with the capability to manufacture its own products. Through careful research, they have succeeded in appealing to customers with couples’ wedding garments.

Along with the clothes, various accessories are also on sale. Because many customers want distinctive styles for their wedding photos, wigs for ladies are also on sale, and they’re very popular now.

Joo says, “After analyzing the types of visitors to the Cutiple site, we found that many couples are preparing to shoot their wedding photos, so we created a separate category for wedding items, and it’s currently very popular.”

The reason Cutiple has been able to respond so quickly to customers’ needs is that Joo and Lee Go Eun, the co-CEOs of the site, have actually been dating for eight years. Joo specializes in photography and Lee specializes in web design.

Lee says, “We’ve enjoyed wearing clothes made for couples a lot, but there was only a very limited variety of designs available, so we opened Cutiple through café 24 (www.cafe24.com). I think the clothes, which reflect people’s actual needs, appeal to our customers.”

They’re planning to enter the overseas market and also open brick-and-mortar store soon. Although it’s currently very popular in China, they’re trying to open their shops in more countries like Russia after careful market research.

Joo says, “We want to open stores all over the nation as a franchise company. While trying to enter the overseas market, we’re also developing an application for smartphone users.”

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