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[Hot Fashion Tip] Choose black for a complete change in image

On MBC’s hit sitcom High Kick 3, Park Ha Sun got a loud roar of laughter out of viewers by changing herself into a “black Ha Sun,” showing off intense charisma. With heavy eye makeup and black clothes, she succeeded in freeing herself from her existing mild, docile image. For those who want to break away from their meek image, try to reveal your “black” personality through different clothes and makeup.


Cop Jang Seo Hee’s transformation in Wife’s Revenge!

Jang Seo Hee’s transformation in SBS’s 2008 hit drama series Wife’s Revenge is a good example for a change to black. in the beginning, she appeared as Ku Eun Jae in long swaying, wavy hair, but for revenge, she changes her name to Min So Hee,  has her hair cut short, and makes herself look chic in splendid costumes and accessories.


The “crazy for black” look among female “idol” stars

SNSD has captivated the public’s heart through their colorful appeal and intense magnetism, standing out among female “idol” groups. In particular, “Run Devil Run,” a powerful dance song featuring a woman determined to dump her Casanova boyfriend, created a huge sensation because of the sweet girls’ complete change into resolutely determined women, stressing their dark side through strong eye makeup, hair highlighting, and funky costumes.


Since its debut, Dalshabet has been consistent in its refreshing, cheerful image, but they changed their image into a “black shabet” with “Hit U.” Casting off their cute pinkish clothes, Dalshabet challenged themselves in black clothes adorned with various ornaments.

Here’s f(x)’s new “black Sulli,” not “lovely Sulli”

F(x)’s Sulli revealed the different side of herself for a pictorial co-produced by SM Entertainment and W. Her cuteness and friendly smile have made male fans’ hearts flutter, but in the pictorial, she completed her different image through heavy makeup, making her look alluring yet hardly approachable.

People who saw the pictorial left responses: “I never thought that she had such a dark side.” “I’ve been familiar with the lovely you…” “Such an unexpected aspect of you looks good as well, but I prefer the cute, lovely Sulli.”

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