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[It Style] Create a chic look in black shoes, the best item for a mannish look

The word chic usually brings to mind an stylish urban image.

A representative color regarded as chic is black, which is now an overall trend in fashion. It’s the most basic color, but you can create various different looks in black by coordinating your style with various different items.

If you want to create a mannish look, which is the best way to look chic, a pair of black shoes is a required item.

Details in simple designs

High heels make women feel confident.

Rather than high boots that cover your calves, ankle boots, highlighting your ankle lines, can make you look more mature.

Shoes in a simple design with buckle accents create a calm yet unusual look.

Shoes in minimal designs can help entire outfits look harmonized if they are paired with items that clearly highlight their color or details.

Lace-up shoes might seem rough at first; however, you can’t ignore their feminine charms.

If the shoes that look somewhat like military boots come with high heels, they can create a feminine look while having the advantages of boots at the same time.

If you pair them with skinny jeans, which expose your leg lines, or blackish pants, you can make your legs look longer and slimmer.

Coexistence of toughness and femininity

Low-heeled boots, which help create a mannish look, are often worn by tough bikers. The buckles connected to the straps and covering the whole boot make them look unusual.

If you want to show off a wild image in such boots, it is recommended that you pair them with a leather jacket.

Wedge heels create a feminine look despite the mannish image of their color. Shoes that have knit materials on the ankles might look simple at first. However, their unusual details still stand out.  If you coordinate them with a feminine look, you can create an attractive mannish look.

☞ Styling tip

The chic, mannish look is a trend for all times. If you coordinate your style with appropriate shoes, an item that eventually completes your style, you can easily create a chic, mannish look.

If you apply black appropriately to your style, you can always be a fashionable woman with a distinctive mannish look.

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