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Wash your hair with “OMG” shampoo and brush your teeth with “Poop” toothpaste

What do they mean by washing your hair with “OMG” shampoo and brushing your teeth with “Poop” toothpaste?

They’re not product names created just for fun. They’re official product names created after careful consideration. “OMG” shampoo and “Poop” toothpaste are “fun-named” products of LG Care, aimed at approaching customers in a lighter, more friendly way. Thanks to their unusual names, they have become fast-selling products.

“OMG” shampoo’s official name is Elastine OMG shampoo, a dry shampoo that can wash your hair without water. It also means a shampoo that can make your hair look great anywhere. It also reminds people of the exclamation of surprise for its surprising function, which is useful when you’re unable to wash your hair because there’s no water.

LG Care also launched “One-bite” detergent. Of course, it’s not edible. It’s a detergent that can be used when you have to wash your clothes after one wearing.

The “One-bite” detergent is a product that reflects the current trend of washing clothes more often than before. Unlike conventional detergents, which highlights their function of removing stains, this detergent has minimized cleaning ingredients and added ingredients from baking soda and palm trees.

LG Care’s fun naming strategy started with “Poop” toothpaste, launched in 2010. Perio Kids Plus with a cute poop-shaped package, was named after the popular children’s book, “Who Pooped on My Head?” The sales of this toothpaste are 50% greater than conventional children’s toothpastes.

A spokesperson for LG Care says, “Fun product names not only make customers smile but also strengthen product images. When there’s an economic recession, fun naming can also be a good driving to stimulate sales growth.”

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