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Samsung unveils Bada-based Wave 3 December 2011

Wave 3, powered by Bada, Samsung’s new smarphone platform, will be released in December. When Samsung’s multi-OS platform meets the aggressive spread of diverse smartphone models, Bada’s market share is expected to keep on rising.
On November 20, someone in the know said that Samsung Electronics’ Wave 3 will be released next month in partnership with KT. KT says, “We’re seeking ways to get the Wave 3 out before the end of December.” It is said that Samsung is in negotiations with SK Telecom for the phone’s introduction, but nothing has been decided yet.
Wave 3 is based on Bada 2.0, first revealed at IFA 2011 held in September in Berlin. The phone is has a 4-inch Super AMOLED display, 1.4-GHz processor and a 5-megapixel camera. The Wave 3 provides new features such as multitasking, Wi-Fi direct, NFC, and push technology.
Samsung Electronics has produced seven Bada-based smartphones including the Wave series, which first debuted at the Mobile World Congress held in February. They have gained much popularity in European countries such as France, Germany, and Russia, and 10 million units have been sold. In particular, sales for the third quarter of this year exceeded 2.5 million units, beating MS’s Windows Mobile in the smartphone market.

The fundamentals for the spread of the Bada OS platform are in place. Since Google has taken over Motorola, Samsung Electronics should probably concentrate its energy on the advancement of Bada-based phones. In fact, Samsung is planning to unveil a new version of the Bada OS platform.

Another thing Samsung can take advantage of is the expanding range of smartphone models on the market. Among Bada-based phones, the Wave 3 is categorized as a premium model but is lower-priced than the Galaxy Series. In addition to the Wave 3, Samsung has also produced the Wave Y, available for less than 200,000 won in Asian regions such as India, Hong Kong, and the CIS markets.

Someone involved in the industry says, “As the smartphone market expands, the demand for diverse models will keep increasing. I believe that such a trend will spur Bada-based phones to increase their market share.”

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