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BoA on Running Man!

Bringing you news hot off the radar! News has leaked that BoA is currently in Jeju-do filming for a popular variety show “Running Man”.


Below are some pictures that fans took. If you look closely at the name tag behind the orange jacket, it reads “BoA”.

Running Man is a variety show where guests have to complete missions in order to win the race. As the name suggests, the show involves quite a bit of running and physical stamina. BoA is currently in Jeju-do with another guest member, songwriter Jung Jae Hyung, filming for the “Music Fairy” special. The broadcast date has been set for 25th March (cr RunningManCast twitter).


Running Man PD Jo praised BoA saying, “I heard that it is her first time appearing on a variety program. Despite that she very actively created fun scenarios. She also has a greed to win that is different from others. As expected, she is a world star”.


From http://news.nate.com/view/20120305n33104


According to fan accounts, BoA runs extremely fast and her stamina is astonishing. The filming atmosphere was also very positive, and BoA also made those on the set laugh a lot. There is also a rumour that BoA will be appearing on 6 variety shows for her comeback this year. (cr 韩网+@yatou_0922)

As soon as news of BoA appearing on Running Man broke, many netizens expressed that they were looking forward to this episode. This marks the very first Korean variety show appearance for BoA.


Are you looking forward to this episode? I definitely am as I am also a fan of the show Running Man! Also, I guess this confirms a Korean comeback for BoA in the near future? Regardless, I’m really excited about the upcoming activities and surprises BoA will bring to us!