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Has BoA changed a lot over the years?

Old pictures of singer BoA are getting a lot of attention.

An online community posted several pictures of BoA with the caption, “BoA’s figure looks totally different from her current appearance.”

The pictures feature BoA’s previous looks. In the pictures, an unfashionably dressed BoA looks different from her current appearance with her chubby thighs. Since she debuted as a singer when she was a sixth grader in elementary school, her appearance has changed dramatically. The pictures, however, are still surprising to the public.

People responded: “I was surprised at her proportions.” “I think she tried really hard.” “Her past appearance gives me hope.” “I even love her past too.”

BoA is currently appearing on SBS’s K-pop star as one of the jury members. She is drawing a lot of attention with her feminine charms and chic style.