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Jang Keun SuK will sing the Love Rain ost

Hello pretty EEL’s

Jang Keu Suk will sing the  OST of his own drama LOVE RAIN..

Here are the Lyrics:

TRANSLATION:A rainy nightfall I saw her, she is the one I was missing a while ago… to her the girl without an umbrella, I said: come under my umbrella please! The rhythm of the rain, is like my heart dungeun dungeun, pada pada.. dungeun dungeun...


EEL’s wishes come true!!aside from his drama Sukkie will sing the ost of LOVE RAIN.
Someone posted in twitter JKS recorded the ost together with Na Yoon Kwon(the confirm singer for love rain ost)

Love Rain drama premiere will be on march 26th.
Starring Korean hallyu star Jang Keun Suk and singer actress YOONA of SNSD..

credit :sarah ye+weibo