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[Love Rain] Ep 18 screenshots + Ep 19 preview

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Recap: Episode 18 (TBA)

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Ep. 19 Video Preview (YouTube- no subs)

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Ep. 19 Video Preview (English subtitles)Be sure to turn on the CC.

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Official KBS Ep. 19 Text Preview

Inha rushes to the hospital when he hears about Yoonhee’s condition, wanting to stay by her side and to take care of her. Hana is fearful and pained by her mom’s sickness. Seo Jun becomes the person who comforts her and gives her strength.
Meanwhile, Seo Jun decides to leave Hyejung’s house…

윤희의 상태를 알고 병원으로 달려온 인하는 이제 윤희 옆에 있어주겠다고 말하고, 윤희를 위해 할 수 있는 일들을 찾는다. 하나는 윤희의 병을 현실로 마주하게 되자 두렵고 마음이 아프다. 그런 하나를 위로하고 힘이 되어주는 준.
한 편, 준은 혜정의 집에서 나오기로 결심하는데…




Caution: spoilers below

Please note that this is not meant to be a full recap, as these are just descriptions to go with the screenshots.





Hana and Hyejung both expected to see Seo Jun but see each other instead. Hyejung realizes that Hana is the girl that Seo Jun is dating and goes into shock. Hana tries to lend a hand for support but Hyejung rudely pushes the hand away.


Yoonhee tells Seo Jun that her eyes were originally not very good but recently, her sight has been getting worse and she sometimes can’t see anything at all. She asks him not to tell Hana or Inha about her condition. Seo Jun now realizes that she knows about his and Hana’s relationship.


Meanwhile, Hyejung and Hana have a talk. Hana tries to explain about her relationship with Seo Jun. Hyejung realizes that Inha already knew about it. She goes on to say that Hana and Seo Jun cannot be together. Even after death, they cannot be together! Hyejung then gets up to leave, but not before telling Hana that Seo Jun can’t know about their conversation.


Seo Jun and Hana both try to gather their thoughts before seeing each other.


Seo Jun arrives and runs inside to look for Hana, thinking that she might’ve left already. Hana replies that she was about to leave and asks him why he’s late.


Because it’s their first day of dating, Seo Jun wants to make up for it. Whatever Hana wants him to do, he promises that he’ll do it. While Hana is thinking, Seo Jun notices that something is weird with her. Hana then suggests that since he hadn’t been home in a while, he should return a bit earlier to see his mom. She wants to see her mom too. Seo Jun wants to drive her home but she insists on taking the bus.

At the bus stop, Seo Jun continues trying to persuade her to let him take her home but Hana wouldn’t change her mind. He doesn’t like the separation. Before getting on the bus, Hana gives him a quick peck on the cheek and he can’t help but smile as he watches the bus leave.


Seo Jun talks to Sunho over the phone. Sunho notes that his dad’s hospital has a very good ophthalmology department. He asks who is the patient and if it’s someone he knows.

Hyejung sees Seo Jun and sits him down for a talk. She wants him to marry Miho.

Seo Jun: I will never do that.


Hana and Yoonhee should have something to say to each other but don’t say anything about it. Yoonhee just reminds her daughter to use lotion on her hands.

Meanwhile, Inha takes out the watch that Yoonhee gave him. He winds it up and puts it on.


Seo Jun and Hana start texting to each other, questioning about their moms. Seo Jun decides to call her. He notes in their chat that Hana and his mom have one thing in common, which is a love for gardens.


Jeonsul notices that Sunho looks different. Jo Soo and In Sung both come and ask Sunho if he’s been rejected since it is Sunho’s habit to change his hairstyle during that time. Sunho denies everything.


Jo Soo now asks Jeonsul if he likes Miho. When Jo Soo walks away with a displeased expression, Jeonsul wonders if he also likes Miho and goes after him for a clear answer.


At this time, Seo Jun arrives and Sunho talk to him about Yoonhee becoming blind.

Meanwhile, Yoonhee nearly causes an accident at work due to her eyes. She walks away a bit shaken and uses the wall as a guide for going down the stairs.


She finds Dongwook waiting for her at the bottom. They sit down to talk. Dongwook wishes that she could’ve told him and convinces her to have an eye exam.


At the hospital, Sunho tells Seo Jun that Yoonhee’s blindness is unavoidable. They can only help to slow down the process, but are also looking for alternatives.


Yoonhee slowly walks out into the hallway. Seo Jun goes over and takes her hand to lead her out.

Outside, they sit down to talk. Seo Jun would like Yoonhee to tell Hana because he doesn’t want to keep lying to her. Yoonhee explains that she just wants a little more time in order for Hana to keep smiling. If Hana knew the truth, she would definitely be hurt. Knowing that her vision is getting worse, Yoonhee wants to remember more of Hana’s smiles.


Seo Jun sits in the car, deep in thought. He is hesitant about calling his dad.


Inha requests to cancel all his meetings.


Hana is at work when she gets a call from Hyejung. When Hana arrives at Hyejung’s home, Miho is already sitting with Hyejung.


Miho invites Hana to sit down. Hana’s phone rings but she doesn’t pick up. Hyejung tells her to answer it. It’s inconvenient that the caller is actually Seo Jun! Hana tells him that she’ll call back later. After hanging up, Seo Jun wonders who is by Hana’s side to make her end the call like that.


Hyejung repeats again that she wants Hana to leave Seo Jun and threatens that she’ll start fights with everyone if she refuses to. Is that what Hana wants? Hana can only apologize and says that she can’t do that because she made a promise with Seo Jun.


Just as Hyejung is shouting at Hana, Seo Jun enters the room and pulls Hana away. Hana tries to downplay what happened but knowing his mom’s character, he is very unhappy about the situation. Seo Jun quickly has Hana get into the car and drives away before Miho caught up with them.

Later, when he pulls over and they get out of the car, Seo Jun immediately scolds Hana. She explains that she went in alone because she knew he would fight with his mom.


At this time, Jeonsul and Jo Soo talk about Miho. Miho arrives and overhears the end of what Jeonsul was saying. She wants to know who they are talking about.


Miho goes inside and waits for Sunho to arrive. She tells him about Hana being called over to Hyejung’s house. Sunho thinks that Miho should apologize to Hana. She refuses to do that. Miho doesn’t want to give up Seo Jun to Hana.


After talking with Miho, Sunho is worried about Hana and texts her, asking if she is okay. During a video call, Hana notes that Sunho has changed his hairstyle. Sunho called to cheer her up, so she gives him a smile.


Meanwhile… Taesung and the Chairman chat about Hana, who is just outside. The Chairman comments that Taesung only said Hana was kind and warm. He didn’t say that she was also quite pretty.


Taesung takes the Chairman outside to introduce her to Hana. Hana is asked to be their guide through the garden. As Hana is giving the group a tour, Jun arrives just in time to her Taesung refer to the Chairman as Mother.


Taesung says that his mom wanted to see her because Hana is the girl who he likes. Hana reminds him that she will not break up with Seo Jun.


On the way home, Hana asks herself why Seo Jun had to see all that. Seo Jun is waiting for her. He apologizes to her for making her sad, because of him and his mom.


Yoonhee looks at the painting in her living room, recalling her earlier conversation with Dongwook. After 30 years, the same thing is happening again. She is sick and hiding it from Inha.


Changmo and Dongwook go to visit Inha. They have a round of drinks and chat. Dongwook wants to say something about Yoonhee’s condition but in the end, doesn’t say anything.


Hana rests her head on Seo Jun’s shoulder. Seo Jun says it’s nice that the two of them can be together like this.

He then remembers about what happened during the daytime and asks about Taesung’s mom. Taesung’s mom likes Hana, to which Hana counters that Seo Jun’s mom likes Miho. Seo Jun doesn’t like that Hana sees Taesung at work everyday, to which she says that he shouldn’t work with Miho.

Seo Jun: When bad things happen, let’s not run away.


When Seo Jun returns, he finds his mom lying bed with the IV. Hyejung insists that she cannot let Seo Jun and Hana be together. Seo Jun asks that she just accept them, but she turns her back to him. She doesn’t want to let him go. She believes that she’ll definitely make them break up.

Hyejung: You just wait and see.


Hyejung meets with Hana again to tell her to break up with her son. Hana apologizes and repeats that she can’t. Hyejung now tells Hana about Yoonhee’s eye condition, that she is very sick and getting worse.

Because Yoonhee may be blind within a year, Hyejung hopes that Hana could separate from Seo Jun. This would be for the well-being of Hyejung, Yoonhee, and Inha. Hyejung says that she doesn’t object to Yoonhee and Inha being together, but Hana and Seo Jun definitely not acceptable.


Next, Hyejung goes to see Inha and tells accuses him of trying to take Seo Jun away from her. She tells him to just marry Yoonhee.


Inha knows that Hyejung is up to something. Worried, he goes to find Seo Jun at his workplace. They sit down to talk.

Inha: If you need anything, call me.
Seo Jun: Dad, you need to know one thing.


Seo Jun admits that he was struggling about whether he should tell or not. In the end, he concluded that it wouldn’t be fair for Inha to not know. Inha is shocked when Seo Jun reveals that Yoonhee is sick and could become blind.


Hana goes to look for her mom. The staff member says that she’s at the hospital for a cold. It’s the hospital where her friend works.


As the nurse leads Yoonhee into the hallway, the nurse asks if Yoonhee’s son is not here today. Yoonhee tells her that Seo Jun is not her son. The nurse then says that he’s here. Yoonhee puts out her hand for Seo Jun. As she is talking to him, she soon realizes that it isn’t Seo Jun who is holding her hand and upon taking a closer look, she sees Inha’s face. Seo Jun is actually standing beside his dad.


Just then, Hana also arrives. In tears, she immediately runs over to give her mom a hug as Seo Jun looks on.





EPISODE 19 preview


Seo Jun admits that since he’s fallen for Hana, he can understand his dad’s feelings from those years.


Hyejung continues to insist that Seo Jun marries Miho.


Seo Jun gets a letter…


Sunho: What are you saying? New York?


Taesung seeks out Seo Jun and confronts him.

Credit: KBS2, KRdrama, homeboy165loverainprincessjoongjang, sye9188

Source: 张根硕贴吧官方微博, KBS, 百度贴吧, Tudou