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Part 2:Jang Keun Suk’s trip to Paris – Personal Diary of JKS [Twitter]

Asia Prince Keun Suk’s personal diary of his trip to Paris!

A truly manly man (a man in a million) is heading down to Paris!!!
파리 상남자 출격!!!
twitter_571While shopping for clothes at a department store, girls fans recognized me!!! I took a photo with them. Girls, don’t cry T_T
백화점에서 옷을 사던중 나를 알아본 소녀팬들과!!! 울지마 아이들아 ㅠㅠㅠ

Voila!! Real fans appear!! I love you girls!!!
레알 소녀팬들의 등장 뚜둥!!! Je vous aime les filles!!!

Here again!! I was recognized!!! She shouted shyly “Thank you” in Korean language and trotted off.. Is this an effect of cultural contents..? Power of Made in Korea
여기서 또 나를!!알아보고!!! 한국말로 고맙습니다 라고 수줍게 외치고 총총걸음으로 사라졌다..이게 바로 문화콘텐츠의 효과인가.. Power of Made in Korea

Hello. I name myself the Eiffel Tower~~ Now I’ve almost made a breakthrough of the final barrier. The only thing I have to complete is to head down to the Champs-Elysees with a newspaper in one hand and a bottle of wine in the other… Ttudung!!
안녕 난 에펠탑이라고 해~~ 이제 마지막관문은 한손에는 신문지와 다른 한손에는 와인병을 든채 샹제리제 거리로 나서는 일만 남았다… 뚜둥!!

Cloudy Paris is more like Paris~~ Although it’s abnormal temperature, it’s good for shooting~~
흐린 빠리가 더 빠리같으이~~ 이상기온이라지만 사진엔 더없이 좋은~~