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Shipboard shooting of LOVE RAIN

Hello pretty EEL’s
Note:This Promo is not an official tour planned by Tree-J or Frau..This tour looks like to capitalize on Love rain fame. I hope the participants will enjoy this cruise even if they can’t see much of JKS and Yoona.

Harmony cruise JAPAN, which arranges various cruise between Japan and Korea, announced that they organized their new cruising plan for 3 nights/ 4 days which will depart from the Port of Osaka, Jeju-do to Incheon on April 12. The highlight of the tour is the shipboard shooting of “Love Rain” on the 3rd day (April 15). About 90 minutes’ shooting is scheduled.
It is not clear yet whether some fan events are planned or not… They just said, “Enjoy special cruising tour to Korea”. But the cost of the trip looks higher than other trips… (See the below)

According to the article, LR is scheduled to shoot some scenes in Jeju-do. And it seems that they aren’t only shoot in the island but also on the board. The shooting on board is planned on April 14. It’s about 90 minutes. So maybe Sukkie and Yonna will board a ship from Jeju-do. This ship looks gorgeous. So I think the crew decided to shoot some boarding scene on that ship.