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[Treej_company]Happy white Day from Jang Keun Suk

Hello pretty EEL’s
Today people are celebrating The White Day,an extension of Valentines day.The other said White day,The guys will gives candies/chocolates to the girls they like..
Treej company,Jang keun suk agency posted a photo of sukkie holding a lollipop.I think he want to share that to his eel’s.hehehe..Thank you keun suk.

Translation: Actor Jang who is busy shooting advertisement today, giving Eels candy on White Day^^ Have a Happy White Day.

오늘도 광고촬영으로 바쁜 장배우가 화이트데이 사탕을 장어분들께 드립니다.^^ 행복한 화이트데이 되세요.

Trans : That’s White Day gift from actor Jang
Added a bonus for all eels. ^^
화이트데이를 위한 장배우의 선물!
장어분들을 위한 추가 보너스샷 나갑니다.^^

Responced from netizen:
*Happy White Day, Prince J!!! Hope your day as Sweet as You ~ ~ ^. ^
*omg!!! Sukkie!! Is it dat delicious? give me some lah…

Translate by:sa_sha26+treej_company+eel’s