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OMG, Are they the same person?? Stars with and without make-up!

AfterSchool, LIZZY 
 AfterSchool, Nana

BrownEyedGirls, GaIn
BrownEyedGirls, Narsha
GirlsDay, MinAh
T-ara, JiYeon

MissA, Min
2NE1, ParkBom
 2NE1, Sandara
WonderGirls, SoHee

WonderGirls, YeEun

Secret, HyoSung

F(x), Sulli

MissA, Suzy



Some are very different,

but some doesn’t have that much difference, hahaha!

I think this is all about eye make-up :P  


Source: nate pann