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Happy 23th Birthday Cute Kim Boem ! Saturday, 07th July 2012

Happy 23th Birthday Cute 'Playboy', Kim Bum!

Kim Bum Happy 23th Birthday Cute Playboy, Kim Bum! Gained popularity thanks to a riveting performance as So Yi Jeong, a handsome playboy with a cute face and smile ‘deadly’. Sang Beom Kim, better known as Kim Bum immediately skyrocketed in South Korea’s entertainment industry. And just today, Kim Bum who was born July 7 has reached the age of 23 years. To commemorate the anniversary of this handsome actor, so make that claim as Bummies KLovers (Kim Bum fans) seem to be docked and seriously listened to ya! A. Men who had lived in Australia for a year is apparently now sitting in school is often believed to be a striker in the school football team and always score goals. 2. Possess a more mature age than men, making an idol Kim Bum many women since early childhood. But it turns out, Kim Bum confessed that he has a shy nature. Hmm, is completely different from So Yi Jeong figure huh? 3. Kim Bum was idolized actor Jo In Sung. Even to support his idol, Kim Bum to buy up the entire movie tickets FROZEN FLOWER. 4. Name similar to the Super Junior member Kim Kibum, Kim Bum often make mistaken as a member of Super Junior. 5. Never did kiss a girlband member Wonder Girls So Hee in the movie I LIKE IT HOT, make CyWorld (personal site) Kim Bum is a target for fans of the Wonder Girls. 6. Apparently Kim Bum never done one month courtship shortest and longest time to one year! Hmm, about whom you? 7. Together with Kim So Eun, Kim Bum earned his artist partner TV Arirang TV version of the play and beat Rain – Song Hye Gyo! 8. Appear in K-Drama Dream, Kim Bum making boxing, kick boxing, martial arts to learn. Hmm, who would be protected by a Kim Bum? 9. Kim Bum has the characteristic of a very charming smile, it was revealed that his mother had dreamed that he was surrounded by three piglets are so beautiful. Kim Bum so she called it a baby boy is beautiful. 10. Has a handsome face, apparently Kim Bum is a person who is so conscious of cleanliness. Although at this time Kim Bum also debuted as a solo artist, it seems little time Kim Bum is not like singing. Well, besides it seems so fascinating figure, Kim Bum is a grown man who has properties that could make a lot of women willing to be his girlfriend! Happy 23th Birthday Cute ‘Playboy’ Kim Bum! May more success in your career and get to Indonesia again! (MPA / aia)


cre : Kapanlagi.com