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[Cloud Notice] Register your home address for the delivery of Cloud 8th souvenirs

Hi, we’re 8th term Cloud executive board.We begin proving the home addresses of 8th term overseas Cloud members’ Cloud
goods recipients (exclusive of Japanese members) to send the package soon after the
completion of the goods production.

Each country’s representative is supposed to receive the goods on behalf of
the country’s members. Then, the goods will be delivered in batches to each
country’s representative, but for now, overseas members should also register
their addresses, based on independent delivery.

In case of overseas members, many of them on the final list of 8th term Cloud
membership members, have not yet given us their addresses. So please be sure to
register the addresses.

* Registering the address of the goods recipient, is aimed at all of 8th term
overseas Cloud members.(exclusive of Japanese members)

- Even though there aren’t any changes of address, you should thoroughly register your
address through the following URL.
- Even though your addresses have already been changed in 마이페이지 (My Page), you
should register your addresses once again through the following URL.
-Those who have informed their changes of addresses through 비밀글 on this bulletin
board, should also resister their changed addresses once again through the following
- Both Japanese members and Korean members living in foreign countries (exclusive of
Japan and Korea), should also register their addresses through the following URL
- Your addresses must be registered in English in international mail form.
(Your native languages are prohibited. ex) Japanese language, Chinese language,
Thai language, etc.)

- Your phone number should be registered in country code & phone number form.

We’ll try to our best to time the delivery to overseas members with the one to
Korean members.

The addresses should finally be confirmed to prevent the delay of delivery and
the delivery to the wrong house.

(Especially, Thai members should register the addresses of their
destination the goods can reach within 12/14, 2011~ January, 2012.)

Please let your friends and acquaintances share this information, so every last
member has to register his or her address.

* Period of registration : 11/29(Tue)~12/1(Thu) 24:00
* Method : Access to the URL below to register your addresses according to
the regulations.

[↓↓↓↓↓↓ Going to register the home addresses of 8th term overseas Cloud
members' Cloud goods recipients ↓↓↓↓↓↓]


(Overseas Cloud members only)

[Reference - the expected schedule for the production of the goods]

1. 11/29(Tue)~12/1(Thu) : Cloud members – Registering their addresses.
2. 12/2(Fri)~ 12/3(Sat) : The 8th term Cloud executive board – Checking both the 8h
term Cloud membership list and the registered addresses.
3. 12/4(Sun)~ 12/6(Tue) : Cloud members -
The list of those who don’t register their addresses, will be put up, and then those
members left off of the list, will register their addresses.
4. 12/7(Wed)~ 12/9(Fri) : The executive board – The verification on the registered
addresses will be completed.
5. 12/10(Sat) : The executive board – The quantity of the completed T shirts will be
checked, and faulty goods will be checked by using the random sampling method.
6. 12/12(Mon)~12/13(Tue) : Shipping company – wrapping and shipping.

The schedule above is subject to change according to the process.

Thank you.

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