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Will Song Hye Kyo make it to the Cannes Film Festival this year?

Will the top star Song Hye Kyo be walking down the red carpet at the Cannes International Film Festival this year?

As the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival is closing up in two days, all the actors around the world are now turning their eyes on the 65th Cannes International Film Festival which opens on May 16. Foreign press such as Cineuropa reports that the movie examination has already begun for this year’s competition selection.

As well for this year, a number of new movies by Cannes’ favorite directors are nominated for the selection, according to foreign press: The Angel’s Shares by Ken Loach, Cosmopolis by David Cronenberg, Voyage of Time by Terrence Malick, and Dans la maison by François Ozon.

Korean films that are nominated include director Hong Sang Soo’s In Another Country starring by Isabelle Huppert and The Taste of Money by director Lim Sang Soo, who was invited to the Cannes in competition selection for his movie The Housemaid in 2010.

But what attracts attention at the moment is Legend of Yip Man by the Chinese movie director Wong Karwai from Hong Kong. Director Wong has been working on this movie for three years and it is mentioned as a strong nominee in the field. If Legend of Yip Man becomes nominated in competition, Song Hye Kyo, who stars the film, will appear on the red carpet.

Though not mentioned by foreign press openly, the movie Pieta which began shooting on February 15 under director Kim Ki Duk also appears to be invited to this year’s Cannes Film Festival. Kim is to wrap up the shooting by the beginning of next month and submit it to the festival.

Along with Pieta, director Park Chan Wook’s Stalker which is currently shooting in Hollywood is also likely to appear at the Cannes Festival this year. If 20th Century Fox, the major studio in Hollywood, takes the front for director Park’s reputation, the film is more likely to be invited to the festival.

What movies and actors of Korea will appear at the Cannes International Film Festival? The race for Cannes has already begun.